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A Crossover I Can Wholeheartedly Endorse

Fantastic Four 26’s cover meets Donkey Kong, by Anthony Vukojevich. Thanks to Kotaku’s Mike Fahey for bringing this to my attention.

Is This Theoretical Silver Surfer Video Game A Conspiracy To Injure Nerds?

Kotaku passes along comments from the developers of the new Tony Hawk skateboard game*, which will come with a skateboard shaped motion control. In it, he mentions two possible Marvel games the board could be compatible with. Only one makes a lick of sense to me. I’ll let you guess which by reading the quote**:

Tsui mentioned that there are plenty of no-brainers, like surfing and snowboarding, but that there are also opportunities for Silver Surfer and Hobgoblin games in the future

So, really, what are the injury projections if either of those get made? That said, a good Silver Surfer game of any kind is not something I’d turn down.

*As opposed to the Tony Hawk civic planning game. Which, knowing Activision, may be in the works.

**Screw subtlty, I’m gonna come out and say it; a Hobgoblin game? Seriously?

Some Thoughts On Walt Simonson’s Thor Run

I was going to try and do in depth reviews of every issue of Simoson’s legendary run on Marvel’s Thunder God. Then I realized that really, who was I kidding? I do have some thoughts related to the first year’s worth of the run, though (337-350, to be exact. It’s a baker’s year!). That as close as I care to get to depth, thank you.

Spoiler Disclaimer: I’m gonna go ahead and talk about certain plot details from this comic run that is almost exactly as old as I am. So, if you haven’t read it yet (I can’t act all that snobby, since I just started reading it last week), you may want to sit this one out. Continue Reading »

Hey, Now Cronin Can Put Songbird In The Avengers!

By buying a copy of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, which she will be appearing in. Gaming blog Kotaku points out this point from the game’s blog, where the developers talk about translating her from the page to the game.

They talk about how they used Marko Djurdjevic’s Thunderbolts covers as inspiration for her look and other comic book reference material they used in the process of creating her character model and how her powers would look in motion. Sure, I’m pandering to the powerful video game player/Songbird fan consortium, but this is still pretty interesting if you’ve played these games as much as I have and want to know how the process of making comic characters playable in a video game, especially one as obscure as Songbird is; she’s not even in the Avengers!

I Want A Kamandi Video Game

While I’m talking about comics adapted in to video games… Continue Reading »


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