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Happy Birthday, Big Guy! Here’s to the Lost Years…

And by ‘big guy,’ of course, I mean… Superman.

Specifically, I’m talking about the pre-Crisis Superman. His birthday, according to DC Comics, is February 29th. That’s straight from E. Nelson Bridwell and if anybody at DC knew that stuff, it was him. He was THE MAN when it came to DC trivia.

But what’s this about ‘lost years,’ you ask? Continue Reading »

A New Year’s Gift

In ten years of writing this column I’ve made some interesting connections with people. I’ve corresponded with many of the artists and writers that I idolized in the seventies, I’ve renewed acquaintances with childhood friends, and –this always floors me– Google occasionally leads people to me as being some sort of pop culture expert. Continue Reading »

A Long Time Ago, In a Place Far, Far Away

No, not that big movie that’s out this week. I’m talking about that OTHER series about an orphaned farm boy who longs for adventure, has a gentle aged mentor wise in the ways of magic, befriends a princess, a rogue, and a furry sidekick, and ends up doing battle with an evil Emperor and his terrifying masked war lord to save a kingdom. Continue Reading »

More Deja Vu with Sal Amendola and the Night of the Stalker

I’ve made no secret of the fact that “Night of the Stalker,” from Detective #439, is one of my favorite Batman stories of all time. A couple of months ago, my various columns about it came to the attention of the primary architect of that story, Sal Amendola, and he was kind enough to share his memories of it with me and even let me share them with you all, here. But there’s more. Continue Reading »

Where to Begin a Wizard Retrospective?

The Wizard retrospective has begun with Not Blog X’s G. Kendall.  Let’s travel back to the days of Image Comics mania, Batman Returns, and X-Men toys on actual store shelves.  Are you brave enough to enter the world of 1992 with the Guide to the Guide to Comics?

Continue Reading »

Déjà Vu on the Night of the Stalker


It’s probably my favorite Batman story of all time… well, okay, tied for first with “The Laughing Fish” and “Half an Evil.” Continue Reading »

Saturday’s Sherlockian Conundrum

With Mr. Holmes in theaters and a new Sherlock special on the horizon, once again the ‘best version’ discussion-slash-friendly-wrangle-of-an-argument has cropped up among my Holmesian friends. Someone asked me about the best version of Holmes in COMICS and it stonkered me. Continue Reading »

Sunday At The Back of the Book


This is just a silly little something that I came across during our recent trip along the Strait of Juan De Fuca, and it tickled me so that I thought it deserved its own post…. especially since it reminded me of an honorable old comics tradition that is largely gone today.

The tradition I’m speaking of is the ‘house ad.’ Continue Reading »

Life During Wartime

Charley’s War, specifically. Continue Reading »

The In-Between Years

If you’ve been reading this weekly thing of mine for any length of time at all, you know that I am as fond of pulp fiction and the old pulp heroes as I am of comic-book adventure stories and superheroes. Continue Reading »

Friday at the End of the Road

This is one of those weird little fan milestones that I not only never expected to actually reach, but I honestly thought it was impossible. Continue Reading »

R.I.P. Lou Scheimer

I’m sorry to report that Lou Scheimer, co-founder and president of Filmation Studios, has passed away. He was 84. Continue Reading »

Happy Birthday Ramona Fradon!

Or, as I think of her, the artist who drew MY Aquaman.

Continue Reading »

Friday Among the Missing

I was asked this week if there was something that we used to have in comics that’s gone now, something I still missed. Continue Reading »

Last Bat-Time, Last Bat-Channel

This is one of those odd, tragic stories that you see so often in the comics industry… a particular injustice that was the final contemptuous boot in the ass to a talent that the comics industry had already beat like a piñata for most of his career. Continue Reading »


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