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Sunday At The Back of the Book


This is just a silly little something that I came across during our recent trip along the Strait of Juan De Fuca, and it tickled me so that I thought it deserved its own post…. especially since it reminded me of an honorable old comics tradition that is largely gone today.

The tradition I’m speaking of is the ‘house ad.’ Continue Reading »

Life During Wartime

Charley’s War, specifically. Continue Reading »

The In-Between Years

If you’ve been reading this weekly thing of mine for any length of time at all, you know that I am as fond of pulp fiction and the old pulp heroes as I am of comic-book adventure stories and superheroes. Continue Reading »

Friday at the End of the Road

This is one of those weird little fan milestones that I not only never expected to actually reach, but I honestly thought it was impossible. Continue Reading »

R.I.P. Lou Scheimer

I’m sorry to report that Lou Scheimer, co-founder and president of Filmation Studios, has passed away. He was 84. Continue Reading »

Happy Birthday Ramona Fradon!

Or, as I think of her, the artist who drew MY Aquaman.

Continue Reading »

Friday Among the Missing

I was asked this week if there was something that we used to have in comics that’s gone now, something I still missed. Continue Reading »

Last Bat-Time, Last Bat-Channel

This is one of those odd, tragic stories that you see so often in the comics industry… a particular injustice that was the final contemptuous boot in the ass to a talent that the comics industry had already beat like a piñata for most of his career. Continue Reading »

Friday Aboard the Star Wolf

Not comics this week, just comics-adjacent. But I think it’s a story you’ll enjoy, and also a chance to help out with something really cool. Continue Reading »

After Forty-Five Years… the Friday I Said So Long

You know, maybe it’s some kind of comics-related Seasonal Affective Disorder or something. Continue Reading »

Saturday with a Weird Hero

I’ve spoken in this space many times about the different paperback series that I loved in the mid-seventies, and how they crossed over with comics. The pulp reprint stuff like Doc Savage and the Avenger, the hardcore “men’s adventure” series like Mack Bolan and everything he inspired, and the barbarian hordes that followed in the wake of Frank Frazetta and Conan.

But there was one paperback series I adored more than any other… Continue Reading »

Sunday Funnies

I’ve talked here pretty often about my first superhero comics, the DC Giants of the late 1960s. But I was reminded not too long ago that those weren’t my actual FIRST comic books. No, those I got… in Sunday School. Continue Reading »

One More Friday at the Tipping Point

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been talking about that moment when you go from being mildly interested in something to becoming a fan, and listing a few different times that moment happened for me. And this week we have one more set of them, and oddly enough, I came to each one through an unexpected, back-door route. Continue Reading »


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