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Say It With Manga, So Bad It’s Good Edition

In my mind, a truly bad comic is boring, middle-of-the-road, and completely unremarkable in every way.  It’s the series that gives me no reason whatsoever to read it.  But in terms of what most people would consider “bad,” a series that is so full of crazy ideas (possibly in poor taste) that a normal reader would turn away in disgust, I’m all over that.  They tend to be very entertaining for at least for a volume or two.  There’s a special kind of “bad” series in manga that I haven’t had the pleasure of running across anywhere else yet, and I want to talk about that this week.  It’s important to remember that all of these series are very serious, and none of the stories are meant to be at all comedic.

Unfortunately, the US comic market doesn’t support translations of material like this anymore, so all of these are technically out of print.  But I’ve seen volumes of almost all of them languishing on the shelves of comic stores within the past year, and none of them are valuable in online marketplaces because nobody wants them.  Actually, all but Offered are available new at at least two online retailers I checked.  They are easy to get ahold of.

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