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Sunday Brunch: 10/31/10

Much like a giant bucket of candy provided by a masked stranger, the following post is composed of delicious, empty calories, and will make you sick if you eat the whole thing. Onwards!

QUESTION(S) OF THE WEEK: 1. What’s your favorite subgenre of horror? I’m a sucker for zombies, myself. 2. Has a comic ever scared you? (My answer… under the cut!)

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Sunday Brunch: 6/6/10

Yes, it’s 6/6/10, the number of the beast’s neighbor, the nice old lady who always bakes too many cookies. What does the comics internet have for us this week?

And yes, I wrote this on Thursday, so that super colossal news that broke over the weekend? I missed it.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: I’ll admit it, I missed a few things last week I should have included in the Brunch. Time to rectify that! Last week, Tom Spurgeon and his readers shared their favorite endings in comics. What are yours? My answers at the bottom of the column. (Yes, Nevett did this earlier. Quiet, you.)

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Sunday Brunch: 5/23/10

Sunday! You know what that means.

QUESTION CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK: Invent an ethnically diverse legacy hero for the superhero universe of your choice, and then invent a grisly way to kill them off.

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