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Sunday Quick Bites: 8/1/10

A few quick odds and ends from the week that was in rapid-fire fashion.

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Ninjas Don’t Care For Diabetics

Especially when they’re doctors. Here’s proof/a joke that I like inappropriately:

The set up

The punchline

That this page falls in between is proof that Dr. McNinja is god’s gift to web comics. And if anyone disagrees, it is proof that they have no soul. These are facts.

Some Thoughts On Walt Simonson’s Thor Run

I was going to try and do in depth reviews of every issue of Simoson’s legendary run on Marvel’s Thunder God. Then I realized that really, who was I kidding? I do have some thoughts related to the first year’s worth of the run, though (337-350, to be exact. It’s a baker’s year!). That as close as I care to get to depth, thank you.

Spoiler Disclaimer: I’m gonna go ahead and talk about certain plot details from this comic run that is almost exactly as old as I am. So, if you haven’t read it yet (I can’t act all that snobby, since I just started reading it last week), you may want to sit this one out. Continue Reading »

Creator Owned, Monster Stomping Comic Review Two-In-One: The Goon #32 and Killer of Demons #1

Two comics that can be loosely linked. One review. No one gets out alive.* Continue Reading »


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