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Committed: My 2013 Emerald City Comic Con Awards


As always, this year Seattle’s incredible Emerald City Comic Con presented an amazing line up of comic book creators and associated ephemera. The staff, guests, and attendees were consistently friendly, helpful, and entertaining. There was so much to see and enjoy that I only managed to fit a tenth of what I wanted into the three days I had there and by extension, I only managed to fit a tenth of that into this column, but I hope this rough countdown of incredible things gives you a taste of the best titbits of one of the best comic book conventions I’ve ever been to.

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Our Weekend at Emerald City 2012

This is really late because, honestly, we’re exhausted. That show was HUUUUUGE. Continue Reading »

Committed: How Attendees Make ECCC Great

This is an article in praise of the people who attended Emerald City Comicon. Last week I covered some of the basic interactions that I had, meeting and briefly talking to comic book creators at ECCC. What I missed writing about, and why I felt it worthy of a follow up article, is the fantastic crowd who attend this Seattle convention.

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Committed: My Emerald City Comicon, 2012

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Emerald City Comicon is my favorite comic book convention. It truly is all about the comic books, not just for the fans but for the creators too. There is something almost thrilling about how excited everyone gets about the medium, whatever the perspective, the enthusiasm is palpable. I made a postcard about it (right), because this boy’s quiet smile and nifty, painted mask exemplify the fun everyone has at ECCC.

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The ECCC report nobody asked for, but which you’re getting anyway!

You know, Greg Hatcher’s post about the Emerald City Comic Con will probably be more interesting because he’ll write about his students and how awesome they are and everyone who reads it will suddenly realize they’re sitting in a dusty room. Sonia’s post about the con will probably be more interesting because everyone knows Sonia and she knows everyone and she can write really knowledgeably about the cool design shit at the convention. But this post will have a singular advantage: It will be posted first! Bwah-ha-ha-ha!!!!! Take that, Other Greg and Cool British Bird!
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Committed: Moving Horrors & Frankenstein

All comic book readers know the creeping fear that goes along with moving house and with it, moving the comic books. For me, packing has revealed the scope of my collection (which was all shelved until recently), and once I’ve moved, there’s the nagging fear that there won’t be room in the new place. And what sort of order do I put them in? Alphabetical by author, or by title, or by publisher? Chronologically organized by when I read them? Is that too chaotic or will it be more instinctive for browsing? Gah!

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Emerald City Part 3: Saturday, Sunday, and after

Part one is here, part two is here, and below the fold is the wrapup.

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Emerald City Part 2: Show Day

Last week, I talked about the various snags and snafus and general craziness involved in getting the Cartooning Class to this year’s Emerald City Comics Convention. That tale is here; this week, I follow it up by telling you how it went when we finally got there.

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Emerald City Part 1: A Week in Pre-Show Hell

As regular readers may recall, every year my middle-school Cartooning Class has a table at the Emerald City Comics Convention. We’ve been going to the show as a class since there’s been an Emerald City Con and tabling there since the second one.

This was our eighth year of actually exhibiting, and it was the most challenging one yet. Every year the show gets a little bigger and the chore of putting our booth together gets a little more complex. This year, it was like trying to mount a military action. Continue Reading »

Last Weekend at Emerald City 2010 (or, the Cartooning Class Reunion)

This year’s Emerald City Con was… an extraordinary experience. Continue Reading »

Committed: ECCC: Mr. Crowley goes to Oz

031710_thorI’ve come to the conclusion that people are attending cons wrong. At least I think that must be the problem, since they find them so very draining. People I know prepare for comic conventions as if they are prepping for the Iditarod, rather than a relaxing weekend with like-minded people. Continue Reading »

Last Weekend at ECCC ’09

Okay, that was harder this year than it has been in a while.

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