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Emerald City Part 1: A Week in Pre-Show Hell

As regular readers may recall, every year my middle-school Cartooning Class has a table at the Emerald City Comics Convention. We’ve been going to the show as a class since there’s been an Emerald City Con and tabling there since the second one.

This was our eighth year of actually exhibiting, and it was the most challenging one yet. Every year the show gets a little bigger and the chore of putting our booth together gets a little more complex. This year, it was like trying to mount a military action. Continue Reading »

Last Weekend at Emerald City 2010 (or, the Cartooning Class Reunion)

This year’s Emerald City Con was… an extraordinary experience. Continue Reading »

Committed: ECCC: Mr. Crowley goes to Oz

031710_thorI’ve come to the conclusion that people are attending cons wrong. At least I think that must be the problem, since they find them so very draining. People I know prepare for comic conventions as if they are prepping for the Iditarod, rather than a relaxing weekend with like-minded people. Continue Reading »

Last Weekend at ECCC ’09

Okay, that was harder this year than it has been in a while.

Continue Reading »

Friday’s Emerald City Con Report

Well, sort of a con report, anyway.

Here’s the thing about Emerald City. Every year it gets not just bigger, but bigger than anyone THINKS it’s going to get. Continue Reading »

Friday post-convention fatigue

Once upon a time, long ago, someone asked me if I had ever considered going to a comics convention, seeing what a big fan I was.

I sneered with the kind of arrogance that you only can summon when you are thirteen or fourteen. “Go hang out with a bunch of dorks dressed in their homemade Starfleet uniforms? Those people are scary. The only way you’d ever get me to one of those things is if I was an actual professional working at one.”

Well, now it’s thirty years later, and I have been to several conventions as a professional — not a FAMOUS one, I hasten to add — but you know, I have done it enough that it has become a case of being careful what you wish for. Because it’s been almost a week since Emerald City and I’m still tired. Working a show is damn hard. Continue Reading »

Friday, pre-convention


I’ve had maybe four hours’ sleep in the last three days; we’re getting ready for the Emerald City Comics Convention and for some reason this has been the hardest year yet. Trying to get parents and kids coordinated and make sure they’ve all got rides to and from the exhibition hall and get their passes to them so then can actually get IN to the hall when they’re there, and get all our convention giveaway ashcan books printed and bound and ready to go, and get Rin picked up from the airport and get her safely installed in our home, and get down to school and get the extra chairs we’ll need and get them to the hall, and then go get our booth props and books and posters and things and get THAT to the hall and set it up….

So you don’t really get a column this week. You get a filler paragraph of me venting and then you get to look at these pictures from last year. Continue Reading »


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