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Evan-JOE-Lical Comics Club Part Three: The One After Part Two

Hello, and welcome back, sports fans. My of-uncertain-regularity posting of the reviews by “normals” of comics continues. I was away on an incredibly nerdy Weezer cruise a couple weeks ago, and my brain and body took until this week to recover from the nautical debauchery. There is a slight chance I am married to someone in Mexico; remind me to look into that.This happened.

But even if I wasn’t in international waters (where anything is fair game, you know), I would not have been able to post because my beloved, dear friends, are not always easy to prod into action. But today the lovely Nicole B sent in her review AND thoughts on the superhero floppy we’re still going to have a round-table for (spoiler alert: thought confusing at first, she ended up really enjoying it and wanting the next issues …this, I believe, is good news). Anyway, take it away, Nicky B, with Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Lost at Sea.

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Evan-JOE-Lical Comics Club Part II: THE SECOND PART OF IT

Welcome back this grand experiment wherein we look for answers to some seminal questions: “What happens when you take normals to a comic book store?” “What hidden nerdy desires do we all hide deep within the recesses of our hearts (or on our t-shirts)?” and of course, “How difficult is it to wrangle a group of busy people during the months often used for vacationing?” The answer to that last one is “real difficult.” (Did you know there are people who use their weekends to go to the top of a mountain and then go down the mountain, piece by piece, on wooden things? This sounds like science fiction, but they call it “snowboarding,” and it apparently only sounds like torture.)We shop, we shop, we shop Continue Reading »

Evan-JOE-Lical Comics Club Part I: THE BEGINNING

I was sitting in a shithole of a Manhattan dive bar once frequented mostly by collegiate assholes and now simply by assholes. It was the sort of place not even I drank from the taps, so the Abita was from the bottle. To make matters worse, they had thrown some blow-out of a party the night before, depleting the bar of all bourbon while adding to the overall stench. Tequila it was to be on that cold winter’s night, notebook serving as a holder of both notes and drinks.

I was writing again. Point of fact, I was writing for Comics Should Be Good again. It had been some time, but some ideas say “fuck you” when you try to push them away, so best let them run their course. See, I really liked Kelly Thompson’s Girls Comics Project and Comics Project. I haven’t blogged much about comics in quite some time because I feel I’ve mostly said what I have to say about them. Aside from the occasional “Oh, man, that was awesome,” not much strikes me as very post-worthy. If I want to discuss comics, I’ve got gentlemen like Misters Cronin and Cox readily at my disposal.

But the thoughts of this sort of green crew of fresh-faced folks ready and willing to give comics a shot …now these were interesting to me. And I knew I had plenty of friends who had expressed interest in comics, so after talking with Kelly for a bit I decided to branch out and try a sort of “in person” version of her project. I sent out an email to a few friends here in the city to see if anyone would be interested in getting some drinks, going to a comic shop, getting more drinks (perhaps with solid food involved), and later having a conversation about the comics they picked.


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