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Four Decades of Fridays… part four

Part one is here. Part two is here. Part three is here. Now our last decade-long leap, to the time when comics actually became my job.

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Four Decades of Fridays… part three

Part one is here; part two is here. Now let’s leap forward another ten years… to a really glorious year for comics. And a pretty good one for me, in retrospect, though it didn’t feel like it at the time. Continue Reading »

Four Decades of Fridays… part two

Last week, in Part One, I talked a little bit about what the comics and super-hero landscape looked like when I discovered them at the age of six. This week, I want to jump forward ten years, to what the world of comics looked like to me when I was sixteen. Continue Reading »

Four Decades of Fridays… part one

As Brian kindly noted the other day, I did indeed have a birthday this last week. But it marked another sort of anniversary, as well. Continue Reading »


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