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Committed: Exquisite Corpse

070710_batman1At times it seems as if writing a comic about an established character is some sort of twisted game. Writers are asked to not only write compelling storylines, but also honor the existing character of the heroes depicted, have them speak with their own voice and language, and behave as people expect them to. While I love the freedom my favorite writers get when they create their own characters, I’m much more curious to read how they deal with well established characters. Continue Reading »

Committed: Harry Brown is The Dark Knight Returns

052610_harrybrown“Michael Caine is Batman in The Dark Knight Returns.”

That thought kept echoing in my head, all the way through Harry Brown.

I’m not saying that they should make a movie adaptation of the graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns. I’m saying they did. It’s called Harry Brown, and Michael Caine is incredible in it. Continue Reading »

Sunday Brunch: 4/18/10

Looking for TV reviews? We all know you’re not, but if you were, you wouldn’t find them in this post! I haven’t seen them yet, because I am writing to you from beyond the grave before the weekend has yet commenced. They will probably show up later in a Midnight Snack. What you will find in this post, however, is the usual conglomeration of links to insightful and/or snarky articles and cool bits of art from the world of comics. I won’t steer you wrong, internet!

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What single comic book, when unearthed by archaeologists in the far future, will best represent the comics medium as a whole, and the society/civilization from whence it came? Show your work. (My answer at the bottom of the post!)

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Committed: Comics are Better than Psychoanalysis

032410_phonogramThe other day I finished reading the first trade paperback of Phonogram (Rue Britannia.) It has this interesting ending which got me thinking about how comics help us to grow and keep moving forward, even when we’re unaware of it. Continue Reading »

Committed: Different Issues with Back Issues, Pt 2

030310_ephemeraContinuing the epic forage through my childhood comic book collection, moving into the realm of comix. Once I’d browsed and reminisced through my superhero comics to my hearts content, I moved on to the darker, more mysterious contents of the remaining boxes. Continue Reading »

Books about comics creators chatting should be good!

Okay, so Eisner/Miller came out in 2005, but I just got around to reading it, so I’m going to review it! Nyah-nyah-nyah!
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Frank Miller’s Will Eisner’s The Spirit Movie For DVD: Some Thoughts

Abridged version: That sure was a Frank Miller movie. A slightly deeper examination follows. Continue Reading »

I Really Shouldn’t, But I Do Kind Of Want This

Frank Miller’s Spirit Storyboards. A whole book of ‘em, along with the script for a movie I haven’t bothered to see yet. I mean, I want this more, but as far as uneccessary uses of Will Eisner’s iconic adventure character/generic vehicle for telling the stories he wanted to tell, it’s certainly up there. Of course, that’s partially because I would have much rather seen Frank Miller do a Spirit GN than a Spirit movie, but that’s me. And I do already have the storyboards for Sin City and 300, so there’s some completist appeal too.


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