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Charlie Sheen vs. Comics: The Definitive Guide

Despite civil unrest and political strife in various nations, and a recent natural disaster, there remains one news story that towers above all the rest, and has caused all the world’s people to band together in solidarity– yes, I’m speaking of Charlie Sheen’s continual public meltdown, which has provided a seemingly endless series of new and increasingly bizarre stories delivered to us instantaneously by our ceaseless media. With Sheen himself using the internet’s powers to accelerate his own apparent self-destruction– an explosive one, not implosive– citizens of every nation with an accessible modem have joined together to say “Yes, this man is a wild and craaazy guy!” Naturally, the artists and visionaries working within the medium of comics have made their voices heard as well. Therefore, I bring you the world’s most comprehensive guide to comics’ response to the Sheen meme– a Sheenday Brunch, if you will. Dive into the rabbit hole with me, my friends, and find out who is “winning,” who is “bi-winning,” and who is “Two-and-a-Half-winning.”

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