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She Has No Head! – Embarrassment of Indie Riches

Tired of a million (mostly) inconsequential zero issues from DC? Tired of the never-ending AvX event?  Here’s a little something for everyone from the Indies…


Every year, one way or another I find myself re-reading Gabrielle Bell’s Lucky.  And I suspect her new collection The Voyeurs will also become a yearly re-read for me.  Full of wonderful autobiographical tales that are equal parts hilarious and insightful, Bell has become an absolute master of autobio comics. I bought the The Voyeurs from Bell directly at her site, and if you order now you can add on her awesome July Diary for not much more.  The book is also available in finer comic and book stores and if you must, Amazon as well.

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She Has No Head! – 10 Webcomics I Love

I have a love/hate thing with webcomics.

On the one hand there are some damn fine cartoonists and writers putting out some damn fine comics for free and what could be better than that?  On the other hand there are about a zillion webcomics out there that are really really bad and it can be frustrating to sort through them to find the gems.  Having done a webcomic myself for a year (a crappy journal comic that updated daily Monday through Friday no less…daily!) I know how hard it is to put out a quality piece of work on a regular schedule for free.  Okay, I don’t know anything about quality – but I DO know about the schedule stuff and the free stuff and how time consuming and absolutely unrewarding it can be – but with no disrespect intended to any hard working creators out there – I think we can all agree that not all webcomics are created equal.

Gabrielle Bell Batman

Laura Park's great take on Gabrielle Bell drawing Batman

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She Has No Head! – Spotlight: Gabrielle Bell

Apparently March is a month in which Gabrielle Bell bewitches the minds of writers, as my post today, a Lucky Coverspotlight on Gabrielle Bell, is following up Brian’s “A Year Of Cool Comics – Day 73″ post of just yesterday.  I considered pulling my post (and asked Brian if he’d prefer it) but he said I should go ahead and jump on the bandwagon…so here you go…more Gabrielle Bell! I’ll try my best to talk about different stuff than Brian, though his post about her was insightful and smart, so it’ll be hard to avoid copying him.

Yesterday Brian said in his post:

“As I’ve said in the past, what I love most about Gabrielle Bell’s artwork is that she is an autobiographical artist whose work cuts to the core of the story rather than the surface – what i mean is, her style depicts the FEELING of a particular scene, rather than some photo-realistic view of what it it “should” look like.”

And this really cuts to the core of what works to me about Bell’s comics, because while Bell does not feel like a writer more than an artist, or vice versa, there is the feeling that her images are wholly there to service her storytelling.  She doesn’t seem interested in the crazy bells and whistles that sometimes come with comic art – especially independent comics which often includes wild experimentation with the form, instead Bell seems mostly interested in storytelling.  And there’s something I really love about that.

There is some mild nudity below the cut, so read with caution.

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