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Say It With Manga – The Most Horrifying of the Rest Edition



This month I’ve been spotlighting horror manga artists who have several series translated into English.  I’ve covered a few of the best and most classic mangaka, so this week, I thought I’d cover a few series that are worth reading, but are mostly one-offs from the artists in English.  The fantastic header image is the art of Yuho Ashibe, one of the demons in Bride of Deimos.

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Say It With Manga – Junji Ito Edition


I’ve looked at two great horror artists already this month, Kazuo Umezu and Hideshi Hino.  Both have had at least one must-read story translated into English (Drifting Classroom for Umezu, Panorama of Hell for Hino), and both are quite famous and worth exploring for different reasons.  But for my money, you won’t find another horror mangaka as consistently good as Junji Ito.  When he’s good, he’s terrifying.  And even his most mediocre stories are still pretty great reads.  Sadly, we haven’t seen a new Junji Ito work in English since 2006, but we were very lucky before that.  Two of his series are must-reads, and the other two series I’m going to talk about are story collections.


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Say It With Manga – The Many Lives of Hideshi Hino Edition


Continuing on with my October feature of horror manga artists in English, this week I’m going to be looking at Hideshi Hino.  Hino probably has more one-shot volumes than any other manga artist translated into English, thanks to the efforts of DH Publishing.  Most of his books are available in a series called “Hino Horror,” although there’s a few outliers from other publishers that I’ll be looking at in this article as well.

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Say It With Manga: Kazuo Umezu Edition


I know it can be tedious to read through all the Halloween-themed articles that happen in October, and I’m going to be doing a series of them.  But I dearly love horror manga, and it’s unfortunately something that had its heyday some years ago in English.  So for the next couple weeks, I’ll be doing artist spotlights for a few of the classic horror manga artists that are available in English, most of whom haven’t seen a new work translated into English in years.


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