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Here are links to all the Comics You Should Own essays I have written so far. Plus, I’ve added some explanation.  Enjoy!
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She Has No Head! – What About Coveleski?

I’m not a crier.  Which is not to say I’m unemotional, or that I never cry – there are certain buttons you can push – especially in films – and you can expect waterworks – but there are only a few buttons and I’m pretty good at I Kill Giants Coverresisting them.  In fact, until I read I Kill Giants last week I can’t remember the last time something I read caused crying.  But there it is.  Moved to tears (or at least tearing up) by Barbara Thorson and her emotionally resonant tale in I Kill Giants.

But that’s not why I decided to write about I Kill Giants, because looking back through the CSBG archives, it looks like everyone and their grandmother has already told you to read this book (well, okay mostly just Greg and Greg again, but that’s good enough for me).

So in order to talk about it, I’m going to relate it to why it’s female positive (what a shock!) and why that makes it something you should read if you still haven’t managed to yet.

In I Kill Giants not only is our protagonist and hero Barbara a girl, but with the exception of her brother and principal, every other major character from her sister to teacher to psychologist, to best friend, even the bully, is female.  And that is damn rare in a comic book.  Even more rare?  The fact that with the exception of the bully, pretty much all of these women are supportive and caring of each other.  Rather than competing and dragging each other down as we often see in comics (and other media) these women and girls mostly try to raise each other up. The book is wonderful and sadly almost revolutionary in that respect.

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