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Sunday brunch: Links for the week of 7-13 July 2013

Well, it’s been a strange weekend, news-wise, but let’s all relax with some fun links, shall we?
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If I (once again) ran the zoo – 52 DC titles I would totally buy

Some years ago (on the old blog!), I wrote a post about what I would do if I ran DC Comics. Now that they’re doing a “soft” reboot (none of that hard-core stuff around DC – they’re a family company!), I thought I would do what Bully and Bill Reed (among others, I’m sure) have done, but with a tiny bit more gravity (Bill didn’t want to waste your time on this blog with fripperies, but I have no such reservations). “More gravity” means I’m giving the creative teams I want to see as well as the books! Let’s get to it!
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