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Easter Sunday in the Stacks


Still shaking off our convention colds and dealing with other issues, so it’s capsule reviews this week. These are some books of note that have crossed my path in the last month or so. Some comics, some merely comics-adjacent…. and one that I’m certain found its way to me by mistake but that I liked enough to recommend here. Continue Reading »

Sunday’s Sickbed Reviews

We are still recovering from Emerald City Con here– that show clobbered us. Continue Reading »

Back in the Stacks on Saturday

Wrapping up the capsule reviews from last week. Some superhero books, some fantasy, some western, and some oddball humor, even. Continue Reading »

Another Weekend in the Stacks

My town is going nuts this weekend. Apparently there’s some sort of impending sporting event that has sent Seattle residents into a spiral of crazy. Seriously, it’s a lot like that old episode of Star Trek where the clock strikes six and everyone runs screaming into the streets, “FESTIVAL! FESTIVAL! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Continue Reading »

December Cross-Hatchings… In the Stacks

We have this annual holiday ritual in our household. Continue Reading »

Weekend with the Review Pile (Videogames Edition)

Somehow, I wound up with a big stack of books and comics based on videogames here next to my desk and today I’m going to try and get through as many of them as I can. So it’s capsule review time again. Continue Reading »

Saturday In The Stacks, DC Edition

I am rude about a lot of the new books DC’s been putting out lately. I’ll own it. But it doesn’t mean I don’t want to like them. I bought two new trade collections from DC this week, in fact, and one of them I liked a lot. The other one struck me as one-stop shopping for everything I really don’t care for about the New 52. Continue Reading »

Housebound on a Blustery Day

Once again, my town is gripped with panic at the thought of experiencing… Weather. Continue Reading »

Lost Weekend in the Stacks

I never quite get caught up with the books around here.
Continue Reading »

A Day In The Stacks (Review Pile Redux)

Picking up where we left off last time, going through the pile of great books I’ve acquired over the last few weeks… Continue Reading »

Another Day In The Stacks… With the Review Pile

People have been sending me so much COOL STUFF that this ended up being part one of two. Continue Reading »

Another Day In The Stacks- Retro Edition

I realize everything is about Wolverine and the Marvel movies this weekend, but I’ve missed all of that. I’ve been buried in a project that requires a lot of research into the 1930s and 40s… and as a side effect of that, lately I’ve been reading a lot of stuff set in the Golden Age. Pulps, comics, novels. Continue Reading »

Friday in the Stacks– Guest Reviews Edition

Super busy this week, since we’re trying to deal with the end of the school year AND get books ready to roll out at the upcoming Olympia Comics Festival. So it’s capsule reviews again… but with a twist. Continue Reading »

Another Friday In The Stacks– Review Pile Edition

By the time you read this, Julie and I will be on the road again. Continue Reading »

One More Day In the Stacks

As explained last week, in order to allow your humble columnist to get his act together for the upcoming Emerald City Con, we are continuing the capsule book-reviews from the home library…. Continue Reading »


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