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Committed: Inspiration at the LA Art Book Fair


Henry & Glen Forever & Ever #4, signed by Jaime Hernandez

This weekend I attended Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair. While I was curious to see what it would offer, I didn’t have very clear (or high) expectations. A few comic book creators and stores had tweeted that they would be there so I hoped that there might be something interesting to me. As it turned out the show was packed with fascinating works and people who love books and comic books as much as me.

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Trade paperbacks, older editions, and miscellaneous for July 2012

As I noted last month, some of the stuff I bought in June ended up in this post. Oh well – we don’t stand on ceremony here at ye olde blogge!
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Committed: Inadvertently Brainwashing Babies

Media input in early childhood can have a lasting effect on adult tastes. If I hadn’t grown up with so many art, design and comic books around me, would I love them as I do now? Would I be so involved in the arts and communication profession? All of the imagery and information that we absorb as infants can influence us for the rest of our lives. For this reason I’m increasingly grateful for all of the things I was exposed to in my childhood.

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Committed: SDCC 2010 (1 of 2) – The Year of Classic New Comic Art

This has to be the year that I really got the most out of Comic-Con International. For many reasons, this years Comic-Con in San Diego was incredibly busy, mind-bogglingly diverse, and startlingly friendly. Continue Reading »

Committed: Jim Lee’s Lack of Wonder

070110_newwwcostumeAs a designer, I love clothing. It is basically packaging for humans. Just like packaging, the function is two-fold; 1) Packaging gives a clear indication of what is inside, and 2) Packaging facilitates the use of whatever it contains. Extending this to clothing then, the primary function of any item of clothing is to convey something clear about the wearer to world, and then to create ease and efficacy of movement. Continue Reading »

Committed: Accidental Comic Reading

050510_hopey_edu1This week I almost feel like I ought to issue a public health warning or something. I can’t remember which was the US TV station that used to give you helpful/obvious information/warnings and then show that rainbow with the tagline “the more you know”, but this is sort of like that. Simultaneously, I also have a bit of a naughty desire to encourage you. After all, even if there is the danger of randomly losing hours, it’s such a nice way to lose them. So here’s the message; Accidental comic book reading could strike any of us at any time! Be vigilant… (and also maybe a little bit open to it, because it might just be a good book to fall into.) Continue Reading »


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