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Comic-Con 2011: I am described as “persnickety” and other anecdotes from San Diego

Yes, it’s time for the Mother of All Con Reports! No panel coverage, no breaking news, no fascinating interviews – just stories from the convention trenches! See: Superheroes struggle to text! Read about: The man with no sunglasses! Behold: Your humble author’s clothing! Nothing is sacred, not even the reputation of our newly-minted Eisner-award-winning Grand Poobah!
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A review a day: Return of the Dapper Men

This is the fourth time this book has been mentioned on this blog in less than a month. Oh, the publicity!
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She Has No Head! – The Return Of The Dapper Men Review

The Return Of The Dapper Men. Jim McCann (writer). Janet Lee (art). Dave Lanphear (letters). Todd Klein (designer). Archaia Comics. Hardcover. 128 pages, Full Color.  $24.95.

I got The Return Of The Dapper Men in late November at a time when my life was exploding in chaos and commitments…but I opened it anyway (how could I resist?).  The originality and dreamlike beauty of the pages instantly assaulted me and I turned page after page, reading bits here and there and being stunned into silence by such a visually rich and lyrical book sitting in front of me so unexpectedly.

With regret I put it away, knowing I didn’t have time to give it the attention it deserved.  Some six weeks later I sat down to read it again, but had thought about it numerous times – while working late, while writing other articles, while traveling across country, and while settling down to dream – something about it had rooted in my mind.  Suffice to say that by the time I actually sat down to read it, it had a lot to live up to.  I’m happy to report that it easily lived up to the expectations.

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