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Year of the Artist, Day 236: Jim Lee, Part 5 – Batman #609

jimleebatman2002 (2)

Every day this year, I will be examining the artwork on a single comic book story. Today’s artist is Jim Lee, and the issue is Batman #609, which was published by DC and is cover dated January 2003. Enjoy!
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Year of the Artist, Day 195: Rob Liefeld, Part 4 – Orion #8

orion3003 (2)

Every day this year, I will be examining the artwork on a single comic book story. Today’s artist is Rob Liefeld, and the story is “Deadend” in Orion #8, which was published by DC and is cover dated January 2001. Enjoy!
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Caught In Between Good and Bad: Catwoman’s Feminism

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I often find myself in arguments about Catwoman: who played the best Selina Kyle in movies and who writes her the best in comics. I talk about her a lot. I mean, a lot. I’ve developed a really deep love for her as a character because she has never been easily pinned down or definable. She holds a special place for me because as a female character, she holds a lot of power for progressive and offensive representation and thought. She is not easily definable as good or bad, and this tension provides the room for her to become something more than just Batman’s love interest or Gotham’s ultimate femme fatale.

While I’ve felt this way about Catwoman in many different instances, Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s Catwoman: When In Rome  really hits the nail on the head for me. It raises — whether intentionally or not — all these questions about Selina’s identity, but also the role of Catwoman as a feminist character in a world rife with problems when it comes to writing and representing women. Warning, I’m absolutely going to be spoiling the heck out of this run.
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Frantic as a cardiograph scratching out the lines, Day 139: Superman: For All Seasons #3

Every day this year, I will be examining the first pages of random comics. Today’s page is from Superman: For All Seasons #3, which was published by DC and is cover dated 1998. Enjoy!
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Comics You Should Own flashback – Challengers of the Unknown #1-8

Here’s the comic that I thought might convince T. that Jeph Loeb wasn’t always terrible. Alas, it was not to be! But maybe I can convince some other people!
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Broken News: Jeph Loeb Totally Glad Everyone Is Mad At James Robinson And Not Him

(Disclaimer: This is satire. Or parody. Some sort of comedic, protected speech that no one can sue me, Brian, or Jonah over. Trust me. It’s also 100% a figment of my imagination. So, hopefully, I’ll only face scorn from the comments section over not being “funny” or “coherent” or “not worthy of existing”, or whatever pretentious liberal artsy criticisms those snobs have.)

“You sure did me a solid by writing that awful JLA comic,” Loeb was overheard saying to Robinson at Comic Con, according to Broken News’s crack spies on the convention floor.* Continue Reading »

I Was Going To Write The Ultimate Flame Bait Post

tying Michael Jackson, Jeph Loeb, and homosexuality in comics together, but I just couldn’t find a way to string it all together. So I’m just going to write about one of those hot button topics. Find out which one after the jump! Continue Reading »

Random New Comics Day Thoughts

A random collection of reflections, of dubious merit, on my weekly comics pilgrimage. A sample:

Hey, did you know that the creator Lost is doing a mini-series for Marvel? I just saw the first issue today! It had the Hulk fighting Wolverine! Seems weird that they had him doing a mini tying in to a straight to DVD Movie (especially without a corresponding mini with Thor; they could have done a flipbook!). Didn’t pick it up. I think I’ll wait for the trade. That should surely be out in a timely fashion! Seems like Marvel really dropped the ball in not promoting that one more heavily, though. Continue Reading »

Cracked’s Six Creepiest Comic Book Characters Ever

Shockingly, Chris Sims didn’t write this one, even if his pet hate character is number one. It’s also interesting to see how far off the radar the Ultimate comics have been, that I didn’t know that Jeph Loeb had found a way to make Mark Millar look more subtle by comparison. I think that has to qualify as an achievement.


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