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Year of the Artist, Day 119: Alex Maleev, Part 1 – The Crow: Dead Time #1

crow4004 (2)

Every day this year, I will be examining the artwork on a single comic book story. Today’s artist is Alex Maleev, and the issue is The Crow: Dead Time #1, which was published by Kitchen Sink Press and is cover dated January 1996. Enjoy!
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What I bought – 11 April 2012

“An empire that can provide a prince, one who might end up succeeding to the throne, a life of childish foolishness and happiness until the age of twenty-nine is necessarily doomed to collapse, dissolution, and annihilation.” (Orhan Pamuk, from The Black Book)

She really ought to have an umbrella Benday dots! She's looking for Ah-nold! I blame you! Kids R D-U-M! On the bright side, they're very nice teeth Oh, it's ON! Yes, I'm a 12-year-old girl, why do you ask? Daredevil really needs a theme song Where are the Omaha pin-ups?!?!? Haney + Aparo = Awesome! So much blood!
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Comics You Should Own flashback – The Crow

Yeah, you probably don’t want to be drinking or shooting heroin when you read this comic, because it just might send you straight over the edge! But it’s still a brilliant comic!
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