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Year of the Artist, Day 253: Stuart Immonen, Part 2 – Superman: Secret Identity #2

secretidentity3003 (2)

Every day this year, I will be examining the artwork on a single comic book story. Today’s artist is Stuart Immonen, and the issue is Superman: Secret Identity #2, which was published by DC and is cover dated February 2004. These scans are from the trade paperback, which was published in 2004. Enjoy!
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Gimmick or Good? – Marvels #1-4

In this column, Mark Ginocchio (from Chasing Amazing) takes a look at the gimmick covers from the 1990s and gives his take on whether the comic in question was just a gimmick or whether the comic within the gimmick cover was good. Hence “Gimmick or Good?” Here is an archive of all the comics featured so far. We continue with 1994′s acetate plastic covered Marvels #1-4…


Marvels #1-4 (published January 1994-April 1994) script by Kurt Busiek, art by Alex Ross

This mid-90s Eisner-award winning mini-series re-imagines some of the greatest Golden and Silver Age stories in Marvel comics history like the birth of the Human Torch and Sub-Mariner in pre-World War II America, and the death of Gwen Stacy in 1972, through the lens of fictional photographer Phil Sheldon. The series is also famous for introducing artist Alex Ross and his painted covers and interiors to the mainstream comics consuming public. Still, rather than just letting the classic stories and wholly unique artwork speak for themselves, Marvel packaged each of the comics like commemorative books of artwork – complete with “protective” acetate plastic covers (which actually scratch more easily than standard covers) and a hefty (for the time) price tag of $4.95/$5.95 an issue.

But what about inside the comic?
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Abandoned Love: The Titanic Tale of Teen Tony Stark, AKA Iron Teen

Every week, we will be examining comic book stories, plots and ideas that were abandoned by a later writer while still acknowledging that the abandoned story DID still happen. Click here for an archive of all the previous editions of Abandoned Love. Feel free to e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com if you have any suggestions for future editions of this feature.

This week, we take a look at how Marvel resolved the whole “Iron Man is a bad guy and has been replaced by a teen version of himself from the past” storyline from the mid-1990s.

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Frantic as a cardiograph scratching out the lines, Day 138: Avengers Forever #8

Every day this year, I will be examining the first pages of random comics. Today’s page is from Avengers Forever #8, which was published by Marvel and is cover dated July 1999. Enjoy!
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Frantic as a cardiograph scratching out the lines, Day 14: Conan #5

Every day this month, I will be examining the first pages of random comics. Today’s page is from Conan #5, which was published by Dark Horse and is cover dated June 2004. Enjoy!
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How Kurt Busiek (unwittingly) ruined Marvel and DC superhero comics!

Come along with me, as I generalize like crazy! It’s what you love, right?
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Comics You Should Own flashback – Avengers Forever

I probably should have written a lot more about Avengers Forever back in the day, but I didn’t. If I wrote this today, this would be twice as long. This post might be a tad short on the details, but I hope it gives you some idea about why this wacky tale is so good!
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Sunday Brunch: 9/13/09

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Every comic you own is magically redrawn overnight by one particular artist. Who is it?

Links below.

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I Finally Read JLA/Avengers

And I have one overwhelming, virulent response: Continue Reading »


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