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Sunday Brunch: 12/05/10

Much like a delicious turkey, today’s post is moist, delicious, and has a stranger’s hand up its arse. Much like the vegan option, tofurkey, it tastes like whatever you cook it with and is beloved by hipsters everywhere. Yes, we’re well past Thanksgiving by now, but that’s okay, because this column is always comprised of leftovers.

Now that I’ve alienated all six of my readers, we can move on.

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Committed: Why You Wish You Read Hellblazer

042810_hellblazer2After all these years together, I didn’t know that Hellblazer could still surprise me, but damn… This week I just about fell in love all over again. I’ve been reading Hellblazer for so long, it started just in time to mesh with my own grouchy rebellion, and over the years it feels like it’s grown with me. It’s been so long that I can see now that I began to take it for granted, didn’t really see it anymore, just assumed it would always be there every month, doggedly faithful and always available. Somehow this week, it turned around and did something entirely surprising, and reminded me why I love it. Continue Reading »


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