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Friday at the Tryouts – conclusion

For those who came in late… part one is here. Part two is here. And the final installment lurks under the fold.


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Friday at the Tryouts, part 2

Last week I was forced by circumstance to cut the story off, so for those who came in late, here’s part one.

For the rest of you who’ve been patiently waiting, part two comes after the break.

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Friday at the Tryouts

This is a story that goes back a couple of decades.

I’ve changed some names; I don’t mind embarrassing myself, but I don’t want to embarrass other people who aren’t able to defend themselves. And anyway, some of the parties involved asked me to. I think it’s a story worth telling, though.

It’s about me and a girl I’ll call Marianne and my first time writing fan fiction.

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