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She Has No Head! – New Books To Read In 2015

I always like to do a post early in the year that looks forward to some of the books I’m most excited about on the horizon in 2015, helps me get pumped for the year and also try to make a mental note of all the projects I’m looking out for. I was ready with my list the first week of January but opted to wait to hear what news came out of Image Expo as they’ve had some truly exciting stuff in the last couple years, this year was no exception and added some great looking titles to my “must haves” list.

All that said, it was a bit hard to predict what I’m most excited about from Marvel and DC because their events (Secret Wars and Convergence, respectively) are even more potentially “line changing” and mysterious than usual. So keeping in mind that that accounts for a likely decreased number of books from both publishers on the list…let’s get going! I organized this by month and then for stuff that has nebulous release dates more a “going forward in 2015” category.

Paper Girls Teaser

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What I bought – April 2014 selections

mdart1001 (2)

I had killed a man. I had killed a man to get a woman. I had put myself in her power, so there was one person in the world that could point the finger at me and I would have to die. I had done all that for her, and I never wanted to see her again as long as I lived.

That’s all it takes, one drop of fear, to curdle love into hate. (James M. Cain, from Double Indemnity)
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Review time! with Red Handed: The Fine Art of Strange Crimes

05-14-2013 05;16;02PM

Or, to put it more bluntly: WHY I HATE MATT KINDT!!!!
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She Has No Head! – Embarrassment of Indie Riches

Tired of a million (mostly) inconsequential zero issues from DC? Tired of the never-ending AvX event?  Here’s a little something for everyone from the Indies…


Every year, one way or another I find myself re-reading Gabrielle Bell’s Lucky.  And I suspect her new collection The Voyeurs will also become a yearly re-read for me.  Full of wonderful autobiographical tales that are equal parts hilarious and insightful, Bell has become an absolute master of autobio comics. I bought the The Voyeurs from Bell directly at her site, and if you order now you can add on her awesome July Diary for not much more.  The book is also available in finer comic and book stores and if you must, Amazon as well.

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Review time! with The Tooth

Comics that look like they’re from the days of yore! Everyone loves those!
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A review a day: Revolver

You know, some people take years and years to finish something, and it’s still not as good as what Matt Kindt can do in less than a year!
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She Has No Head! – Matt Kindt’s Revolver

Revolver.  Matt Kindt (writer/artist/creator).  Steve Wands (letters).  Vertigo.  192 pages, Color, Revolver CoverHardcover.  $24.99

Revolver feels extraordinarily tight.  Purposeful.  Driven.  And important, in subtle and wonderful ways.

Revolver’s protagonist, Sam, is literally torn between two realities.  In the first reality (which I’ll refer to here as the “original” reality) Sam has a boring totally average existence in which he himself is boring and totally average.  He has a job he loathes, a boss he hates and fears, co-workers that are not friends and are barely co-workers, and a cute girlfriend obsessed with material things and whose job it is to make sure that others are equally obsessed with material things.  Here Sam is miserable and seems intent on doing nothing to change things.  He is almost literally sleepwalking through his life having been lulled to sleep by the consistency of that life and unable or unwilling (or both) to save himself from the meaninglessness.

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