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What I bought – 19 May 2010

They hated Thomas for his courage, his brief moment as a bird. Everybody has dreams about flying. Thomas flew.

One of his dreams came true for just a second, just enough to make it real. (Sherman Alexie, from “This is What it Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona”)

3-D Man's arm makes it look like Jimmy has a multicolored moustache, which I think would improve his chances with the ladies! I totally want someone to send me that postcard! They should use the Bat-Phone in the 'real' Bat-titles! Big pictures split into many covers often look weird, like this one does You know, conceptually, this is a dumb cover, but it just looks so gorgeous! This cover has nothing to do with what's inside, but it's still kind of neat! I love this comic a little more each issue, I tells ya! Overcompensating much, King Richard? This is a really misleading cover You there!  Yub ym koob! What is it with those guys from Perth? Yet more Vertigo crime!  Whoo-hoo! Well, this is going to get messy
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Comic Creators Talk About Writing, Drawing Megan Fox Comic

Atomic Comics has interviews with Rick Spears, Tim Seeley, and Jim Mahfood about their work on the Jennifer’s Body GN being published by our friends at Boom! Studios. Spears, the book’s writer, makes it sound interesting, as it’s not a straight adaptation. It takes scenes from the film and plays them from different angles. Always like that sort of thing.

In related news, I’m really going to have to get around to reading the PDF review copy our friends at Boom sent out of the GN. And yes, I am counting this as part of my series about Megan Fox in comics, even though it’s just link blogging.

Megan Fox Is Just Like Us (Except She’s A Hot Movie Star)!

Okay, I’m a little late on this. To be fair, I can’t be expected to watch Jimmy Kimmel no matter who’s on there, can I? Continue Reading »


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