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She Has No Head! – “Johnny Come Lately” Has Another Name

gingerhaze comic panel

Panel from Noelle Stevenson’s comic

Last week, Noelle Stevenson, Nimona comics creator, among other things – including art  student grad, social media maven, and traditionally published comics creator – published a fantastic short comic about her terrible experience in a comic book shop. I urge you to go there and read it in full as it is both hilarious and sad and filled with painful, pitiful truth.

The result was, naturally, internet explosion – of both the good and bad variety – last I looked it had been re-blogged or noted over 73,000 times. A ton of people related to this comic, understood it instantly, and even if they hadn’t experienced it themselves, understood that this happens ALL THE TIME. Of course there was also a ton of sexism, harassment, concern trolling, silencing techniques, victim blaming, and plain old mansplainin’.

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I’d Go To This If I Wasn’t A Shut In: Grant Morrison Signing At Meltdown

They want good questions for the Q&A, though, so maybe I wouldn’t. It’s on July 1st, same days as Batman and Robin #2 comes out. Clive Barker will chant with Grant before the signing, which will only be of the FC hardcover and Batman and Robin #1 and 2. While you can’t rub Morrison’s face in his Zoids run, sounds like fun anyway.


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