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Year of the Artist, Day 244: Jason Copland, Part 3 – Kill All Monsters!

killallmonsters2002 (2)

Every day this year, I will be examining the artwork on a single comic book story. Today’s artist is Jason Copland, and the comic is Kill All Monsters!, which was serialized on-line circa 2010, while the collection was published by Alterna Comics and is cover dated July 2013. Enjoy!
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Sunday brunch: Links for the week of 16-22 June 2013

I took last week off and almost thought I was going to take this week off – you might notice I haven’t posted here in over a week, because I’ve just been uninspired recently, even though I’m in the middle of my latest Comics You Should Own, which are usually fun to write. But then I decided to get going, mainly because of the two big stories in the comics world this week, so let’s check out some links, shall we?
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Review time! with Kill All Monsters volume 1

05-07-2013 10;15;08AM (2)

You know, the Emerald City Comic Convention ended a bit over two months ago. I should probably start reviewing some of the books I bought there, right? So let’s get into it!
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