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She Has No Head! – Is Wonder Woman A Gateway Drug? Could She Be?

wonder woman caldwell

Caldwell's Wonder Woman from Wednesday Comics

As I mentioned recently in the comments on one of Greg Burgas’ posts, I am painfully burned out on mainstream comics right now.  It’s been building for a while now, but the last four weeks have left me with a massive stack of mostly unread comic books.  Sure I read a few, and I’ve flipped through most of the rest multiple times, but looking at the pile…imagining reading them…is suddenly akin to something like Chinese water torture.

This has happened to me before, a few times actually, and it generally results in me taking a sabbatical of sorts from reading mainstream books for undetermined amounts of time – only to later return with vigor (and cluelessness as to why I ever needed to take a break from something so awesome).  However, this time, I find I’ve built a lot of little bits of my life around comics – my blog is regularly about comics, and I have this column, not to mention a superhero novel out on submission to publishers – so for the first time I don’t feel comfortable just walking away.

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She Has No Head! – Interview With Creator Ross Campbell

Scout & Sparkle from Shadoweyes

Scout & Sparkle from Shadoweyes

Welcome to part two of Ross Campbell week here on She Has No Head!.  Part one, a Spotlight on Ross Campbell’s work can be found here.  As I mention at the beginning of the following interview, I had the good fortune of becoming friends with comics phenom Ross Campbell via the magic of the internet – and thanks to that friendship, and Ross’ generosity, and his upcoming book Shadoweyes – I was able to convince him to stop by for an in-depth interview.

So join me as Ross takes time out of his busy comics making schedule to talk about everything from when we can expect the next volume of Wet Moon, to what super power he’d most like to have, to the inside scoop on what to expect from his new project Shadoweyes, releasing from SLG in June.

And make sure to come back on Monday, May 17th for an advance review of Shadoweyes and an exclusive preview excerpt from the book.

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She Has No Head! – Spotlight: Ross Campbell

Well, this is a special week on She Has No Head! dear readers, as you are getting not one, but two columns this week (try to contain your enthusiasm).  Today, a spotlight on the work of creator Ross Campbell, and tomorrow, a conversational interview with Campbell that discusses not only his past work, but his exciting upcoming superhero book from Slave Labor Graphics, Shadoweyes.  Additionally, in a few weeks She Has No Head! will have an advance review of Shadoweyes and an exclusive excerpt from the book.  But for now…let’s take a look at the impressive and surprisingly prolific career of young creator, writer, and artist Ross Campbell.  A word of warning, there are some possibly NSFW images below the cut, and definitely some gore, if you’re squeamish.

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She Has No Head! – Ruminations On X-23, Minx, Comics For Women vs. Comics For Girls, Twilight, And The Kitchen Sink

I was genuinely psyched to do a review for the Marjorie Liu X-23 one-shot that came out this past week.  I had X-23 One Shot Coverread CBR’s seven-page preview of the issue and was pretty impressed with what I saw.

In fairness, I know very little about X-23.  I know she’s supposed to be a clone of Wolverine, and that on the surface, though not a bad idea in a way, it’s the kind of comics gimmick that generally makes me roll my eyes.  I feel like I can actually hear the meeting in which a character like X-23 is created.  “No she’ll be totally badass!  Hardcore and unstoppable like Wolverine – but a hot young chick!” Plus, while I didn’t read the issues in question, and thus can’t comment specifically on how it was handled, it strikes me as a bad idea to make her a prostitute/victim of sex trafficking.  I have a hard time imagining Wolverine (the original male version) being given the same treatment – which seems like a pretty standard example of Women In Refrigerators.  I suppose it’s another issue entirely whether an X-Men comic book is capable of dealing with such delicate and important subject matter effectively.  Having not read the issues and story in question however, I’ll put that aside for now.

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