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Flippin’ through Previews – August 2016

sugar-spike-f12a0 (2)

A year ago, I asked Travis if he’d like to do these posts with me, mainly because his comments on my solo posts were so frickin’ long. I haven’t gotten sick of him yet, so let’s celebrate the anniversary with a post about Previews #335!!!!
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Flippin’ through Previews – February 2016

Micronauts01-cvr-5a78e (2)

Yes, it’s time for Previews #329, with more good stuff than you deserve!
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Review time! with Louise Brooks: Detective


“I don’t know how much more of this I can take; she’s filing her nails while they’re dragging the lake”
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Flippin’ through Previews – September 2015

Is Travis back? Find out below! (Hint: This is far later than I would have liked, so odds are good it’s because of Travis!!!!!)
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What I bought – 27 May 2015


“The scene was night in a summer garden. Pinprick stars gleamed down on shaking summerhouses. Plotters glided behind pasteboard hedges. I saw a woman, dressed in her maid’s clothes, hear her husband utter the first tender words he has offered her in years only because he thinks she is someone else. Could one catch a realer moment? And how except in the net of pure artifice? The disguises of opera had been invented for Mozart.” (Peter Shaffer, from Amadeus)
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Flippin’ through Previews – March 2015

HCRIMES-HC-FC-SOL-4x6-e5498 (2)

What could possibly be in Previews #318 that I could want, you might ask. Well, you’ve come to the right place to find out!
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Flippin’ through Previews – July 2014

STK649199 (2)

Is this the most important month in Marvel’s history? Only Previews #310 can tell us!!!!
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Flippin’ through Previews – January 2014

fatale-deluxe-vol-01-43c12 (2)

A.K.A. That time when Marvel Comics finally went as nuts as DC! Yes, it’s Previews #304! Yahoo!!!
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Review time! with Persia Blues volume 1: Leaving Home

10-15-2013 12;49;36PM

“And if you make me your religion / I’ll give you all the room you need / I’ll be the drawing of your breath / I’ll be the cup if you should bleed”
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Why comics are awesome: Odds ‘n’ sods from this week’s releases

07-03-2013 05;34;52PM

No reviews this week, just some little things that made me smile, because comics are awesome.
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Say It With Manga, The Pet Edition



While I have none myself, pets are near and dear to many people.  It follows that there are many series about keeping pets, and manga is no exception.  There are whole magazines dedicated to the genre of pet comics in Japan, but only a few series have been translated into English over the years.  Honestly, I did try to come up with series with more unusual animals… the heroine of Wild Act keeps flying squirrels that help her commit thefts, for instance, and Io Sakisaka has a strange habit of relating stories about her chinchilla giving birth in the author’s notes of Strobe Edge.  But pets aren’t really the focus of those, and this week, I’m looking at a few series that are specifically about cats and dogs.

For the record, Guru Guru Pon-chan is the best series I can think of about keeping a pet, but it’s so unbelievably weird and uncomfortable that I’m saving it for another day.  Do look it up though, if you’re curious.


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Review time! with An Enchantment

04-13-2013 10;24;04AM (2)

It’s another comic book produced in conjunction with the Louvre! Those are always pretty good!
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Flippin’ through Previews – March 2013

It’s a bit late due to other things, but let’s check out Previews #294 – maybe there’s some interesting stuff in it!
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What I bought – 13 February 2013


Sipping drinks on the porch in the sunset, Farsheed Shomloo, an immigration lawyer, pointed to a book on the patio table and told Jim, “You should read this new book about Iran, it’s really interesting.” Jim replied:

“I don’t want to read it. I know the outcome already. In Iran, there is beautiful poetry and everything turns out a disaster. Here the poetry is not so beautiful, but people are free to discover the best in themselves; that’s why America has happy endings. Here it’s a negative system: there is no entrenched despotism, no will to dominate. We immigrants can remake the whole country if we want to. It’s ours for the taking, as if there is a perpetual clean slate where nobody is ever owed anything. I’ll tell you, the Iranian revolution was a disaster for Iran and a success for America, because it brought a lot of talented, ambitious Iranians here. Every time there is a disaster in the Third World, it’s a good thing for America, since the best of the middle class finds its way here.” (Robert Kaplan, from An Empire Wilderness)

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