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Committed: Artist’s Alley vs NYCC & How I Made NYCC Mine

Attendance at New York Comic-Con was up again this year, this time to around 116,000. Although Lance Fensterman said that with the increase in attendance there was also an increase in space, this space was circuitous and inconvenient, wrapping itself around the ongoing construction work. Next year the completed construction work promises an extra 90,000 square feet, clearly this can’t come fast enough. Apparently the terrible door policy was purposely done to control the level of crowding inside the Javits Center by slowing down the influx of people into the building simply. However, this meant that instead the surrounding neighborhood became unpleasantly crowded, which meant that people were spilling out on to New York streets full of traffic. Hardly a sensible way to deal with the problem and certainly not very civic minded for the surrounding neighborhood. I would like to politely suggest that if the organizers do not feel that there is enough room in the convention for the number of people they sold tickets to, then they need to consider selling less tickets. Continue Reading »

Committed: Things to do at APE (while I’m at NYCC)

The song “New York, New York” wasn’t actually written about New York Comic Con, but it could have been. If you can deal with that convention, maybe even have a good time, then you can probably handle any convention of any size, in any place. With attendance around the size of San Diego Comic Con, crammed into a building half the size with none of the nearby hotels to absorb the overflow, questionable “ventilation” and a creatively chaotic layout, then you’re definitely some kind of superhuman. Clearly I’m some kind of insane glutton for punishment though, because I’m going back for a third time this weekend. Being the big convention on the East Coast, NYCC attracts a large European contingent and is often the only place where I can meet friends visiting from the UK and Europe. Continue Reading »

Committed: NYCC is a behemoth

Last weekend I finally experienced the New York Comic Con. After hearing about it from my New York friends for years, I was looking forward to a very different kind of comic con from the comparatively parochial San Diego Comic Con. Somehow, having been to a few SDCC’s, Alternative Press Expo’s, and Wondercon’s I thought that NYCC would be more of the same, but like the city itself, the con is quite different.

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