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Committed: What British Comic Writers Learned from Thatcher

If a cigar can be just a cigar, and not some obvious phallic symbol to be endlessly sucked and played with, then can a superhero ever be just a superhero, or is it always representative of a deeper, more complex need within us?

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Committed: “Wolverine The Best There Is”, Gluttony (in Moderation)

Gory, silly, funny, violent and a little bit sleazy… Sometimes that’s what I crave from a comic book, and nothing is delivering it for me right now like Wolverine: The Best There Is.

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Committed: No Hero and sardines on toast

no_hero0This weekend I read No Hero, and found out that I have a bit of a problem. About once every decade I get a really disgusting craving (well, disgusting by some people’s standards, judging by their responses.) Continue Reading »


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