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Committed: The Naked Power of Outsider Superheroes

012815_silversurferAs ridiculous as it is to compare superhero comic books to the real world, there is one area in which I can’t help but do so, and that is in the ways in which nudity is treated. Within the logic of superhero universes, the implications of and reactions to nudity are radically different to our own. It is generally acknowledged that revealing clothing and near-nudity is one of the ways in which women can be objectified, i.e. turned into objects of desire instead of complex, human adults. However, in writing about the nudity of some of my favorite superheroes, I began to see another way which nudity can be used; as a signifier of power and outsider status. Continue Reading »

Sunday brunch: Links for the week of 17-23 February 2013

What do we have this week? Only you can discover that!
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Committed: Neonomicon, Hellblazer & Fables… NSFW?

For some reason I always thought I was immune to that whole “Not Safe For Work” thing people always squeal about. It isn’t that I’m completely shameless, but I really don’t care what my co-workers see me looking at online (excluding, of course, the horrible body modification links that Warren Ellis used to post.) Turns out I do have a sense of shame and it isn’t about the MAX or whatever R-rated comics there are, it is about the relatively cute one.

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What I bought – 15 July 2009

This week: I’m still having fun with the new format! I added something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but could never figure out. Other Greg does it all the time, though. Can you suss out what it is?

Plus: Nudity and Swearing! And the return of a long-absent publisher! Whoo-hoo! (Seriously, lots of swearing. You’ve been warned. And no, this is not a judgment about these comics at all. I just bought a lot of comics, and a lot featured swearing and nudity, so I thought it would be fun to compare and contrast.)
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What I’m reading – Jack the Ripper: The Facts, various magazines

I try to do this weekly, but it’s not always possible. But I’m back this week with more reading selections!
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