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The WorkBook – Where I’m Going Tonight, No One Can Ever Hurt Me

We’re at zero. Momentum wasted. Team scattered. Different pictures fill the frames.

The same itch persists, hungry as ever, though slightly hesitant.

Saturday. A decision.

It’s all start-up, from here. Can’t see any finish line. Don’t want to. Let’s drift, you and I. Drift til we flip.

Listening the whole way.

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‘Moose’ #1 – 14 | Max de Radigues

I hesitate to examine Moose under the Oily Comics microscope even though I clearly love Oily Comics. Charles Forsman and Co. are pushing a line of funny books well-worth supporting, and their efforts as a publisher should be looked to and applauded; that’s pretty clear (though, if you are unaware of Oily Comics, you should read this and get on the ball, buster). I just wish to see Moose, a mini-comic, as a work rather than another branch of a booming micro-publisher. All 14 installments are finalized, and they shape a complete piece open to observation from all angles. It’s a work, and I wish to separate and partition it as so. Moose by Max de Radigues is quite good, maybe even overlooked, and it deserves its own room to stand instead of idling by on a roster sheet.

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