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She Has No Head! – Ladies Comics Project: Phase II, Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of The Ladies Comics Project: Phase II in which a handful of my colleagues, family, and friends – both new and old – and women both familiar with comics and not – read and reviewed a graphic novel or trade from my personal library and told me what they thought about it.  For more details about this project and more ladies reviews and feedback, go here to read Part One.  You can also read about the original Ladies Comics Project here, here, and here.

A week later and with emails now totaling 654 plus a handful of gchats, texts, and phone later, here were are: The Ladies Comics Project, Phase II: Part Two…

Illustration For Ladies Comics Project Phase II by Tara Abbamondi

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She Has No Head! – Ladies Comics Project, Part 1

Did any of you read a hilarious post by Laura Hudson on her Myriad Issues blog like three years ago where she had her mom read comics?  If not, head over and read it now, because it’s fantastic, and half of the inspiration for this column as it’s a post I’ve never forgotten (how can you forget spitting most of your diet soda all over your keyboard as someone’s mom makes awesome accurate hilarious observations on the internet about independent comics?). The other half of the inspiration for this three part column belongs to our own Greg Burgas who did a great What I Bought this summer in which his friends read and reviewed his weekly pull list for him.

Especially because She Has No Head! is about women and comics, and I have a fascination with why women do and don’t read comics and what they do and don’t respond to as readers, I decided to do my own little comics reading experiment.  I called it “The Ladies Comics Project” (crazy creative, right?).  The premise was simple – pull together some great ladies from as many age groups and walks of life as I could manage, women both familiar and not with comics, and let them pick a comic to read from the month of September and then make them tell me what they think.

A gorgeous piece I had commissioned for the Ladies Comics Project by up and coming artist Tara O'Connor.

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What I bought – 22 and 29 July 2009

Two weeks of reviews! Normally I’d just skip last week’s haul, but what the hell. I’m sure the kids can look after themselves, right? I’ll try to keep the ones about last week’s books short, though. The operative word being “try.”
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