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She Has No Head! – Comics Domination!

This past year with The Walking Dead continuing its ratings domination, the high profile debut Agent Carter Shortof Agents of Shield, and Arrow getting a good deal of praise as it upped its game, it kind of felt like comics were really taking over TV a little bit, especially with all the gossip about books (and concepts) that were being considered and optioned. But if I’m counting correctly in the next year (or so) we’re looking at about EIGHTEEN NINETEEN ongoing shows adapted from comics (and that doesn’t include three mini-series for Syfy, or the Netflix Defenders mini-series “event”, or the Heroes Reborn nonsense).

That is INSANE. From about three properties to EIGHTEEN NINETEEN?!?

Wow. So very little is known about most these new shows. We’ve seen a trailer for GOTHAM and we got a trailer for CONSTANTINE this week and we’ve seen casting and teasers for a few more shows. Right now, most are big question marks, but based on what we know, let’s take a look at them. To make things more fun, I’ll rate my interest level via the official* Taco Bell Rating System.


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Frantic as a cardiograph scratching out the lines, Day 207: Preacher #2

Every day this year, I will be examining the first pages of random comics. Today’s page is from Preacher #2, which was published by DC/Vertigo and is cover dated May 1995. Enjoy!
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Evan-JOE-Lical Comics Club: Of Cocks and Preachers

WHAT?!?!? I’m back already?!?!? This is momentous folks. Not only do I have content for you two weeks straight for the first time EVER, we have our first returnee-review. Alex, from our first-ever column/outing, did not let a mediocre war comic strip him of his comic book lusts. He came back for more, and like a man on a wonderful rebound, found something sexier, dirtier, and better. This is a man with tenacity; this is a man of true grit and determination. This is a man holding a big cock proudly. (This is also a man deeply shaming me in Words with Friends.) Take it away!

Committed: Women in Comics

Apparently there are journalists who are so naive as to think that the reason more women comic book creators aren’t successful is because they don’t feel comfortable with the aggressive subject matter of superhero comic books. It has been suggested lately by a number of people (who should know better) that the main reason women aren’t well known, mainstream comic book artists, writers and creators is because women prefer stories about their feelings with more dialogue and less action.

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