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She Has No Head! – Brave New World?

Comics let me down all the time.

But that’s to be expected, I basically live, breathe, eat, and sleep comics and when you’re that saturated in something it’s bound to let you down from time to time.

I was reading the (it must be said, excellent) Unbeatable Squirrel Girl the other day and I was struck by something that really used to disappoint me about comics that has shifted dramatically, at least from where I’m sitting (and what I was reading).


Panel from Unbeatable Squirrel Girl by Ryan North (writer), Erica Henderson (artist), Rico Renzi (colors), and Clayton Cowles (letters).

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She Has No Head! – Embarrassment of Indie Riches

Tired of a million (mostly) inconsequential zero issues from DC? Tired of the never-ending AvX event?  Here’s a little something for everyone from the Indies…


Every year, one way or another I find myself re-reading Gabrielle Bell’s Lucky.  And I suspect her new collection The Voyeurs will also become a yearly re-read for me.  Full of wonderful autobiographical tales that are equal parts hilarious and insightful, Bell has become an absolute master of autobio comics. I bought the The Voyeurs from Bell directly at her site, and if you order now you can add on her awesome July Diary for not much more.  The book is also available in finer comic and book stores and if you must, Amazon as well.

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She Has No Head! – Interview With Hope Larson About Girls & Comics


From Hope Larson's Gray Horses

Comics creator, writer, and artist Hope Larson (Mercury, Gray Horses, Chiggers, Salamader Dream) recently conducted a survey called Girls & Comics on her livejournal for girls and women that read comics.  The results were interesting, and if you read this column and other female positive or female focused comics columns throughout the web, not that surprising.  In the wake of reading her results, I asked Hope if she’d be willing to stop by She Has No Head! to answer some questions about her survey and the feedback she received.  She graciously accepted.

Though I’m posting an excerpt of some of the relevant information to our interview here, I highly suggest reading the entire survey results yourself at the link.

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Female Positivity In Spades At The Second Annual Drink & Draw Like A Lady Event

DDLL East Invite

Invite by Lucy Knisley

So it’s time to come clean, I’m totally a recluse lately (and by lately I mean the last two years – ish).  It takes a herculean effort on my behalf to go out and I generally have to be motivated by an incredibly impressive event, film, get together, whatever in order to make that herculean effortDrink & Draw like a Lady (hosted by the generous 192 Books and organized by Hope Larson with help from Raina Telgemeier and Lucy Knisley) turned out to be just such an event and I’m supremely glad I dragged my lazy reclusive ass to it.

In addition to all the great women that I met, chatted, and exchanged materials with, the most awesome aspect of the evening was just the vibe – chill and relaxed, inspirational and encouraging, all at once.  I realized, standing there, surrounded by women interested in and/or involved in comics, that I’m not sure I’ve ever been in a room filled to the brim solely with women before – let alone women interested in the same kinds of things I’m interested in – comics!  It was at once empowering and comforting to be in the company of all those women, and an experience I’ll not soon forget.

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