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She Has No Head! – Writing About Comics

Hey everyone, sorry for the absence. In addition to a lot of THINGS happening (things which I will share816PThxpQ1L as soon as I can) I was traveling for some of July and I always seem to forget that, like fine shrimp, I do not travel well (that last bit stolen from Buffy The Vampire Slayer as die hard fans will no doubt recognize).

Anyway, I have several ideas for columns stacked up in my queue (and some ideas even have words written on pages!) but today I found myself wanting to talk about writing about comics.

This is spurred by a few things – firstly, I am in a not unique…but perhaps slightly unusual position in that I have spent many years writing about comics — on this column, over on Lit Reactor, and as a reviewer for the gold standard of comic review sites – CBR and Publisher’s Weekly. For CBR alone I wrote over 500 comic book reviews. Jeez. I feel tired just thinking about that. Anyway, all that to say, I have some experience in this “writing about comic books thing.” I’ve certainly written my fair share of reviews I’d like to revise in retrospect, some that were not well-considered enough or where I feel I could have presented my case more clearly (or kindly) but on the whole I feel proud of the work I’ve done talking about comics.

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She Has No Head! – Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 Is Criminally Cute And That’s A Great Thing

So, I had the honor of reading an advance copy of THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL #1 (releases this week – 1/7/15!) and I am here to tell you that it’s criminally cute and MUST be purchased by anyone interested in variety in their big two comics, or anyone just interested in great fun comic books period. I wrote a few weeks ago for CBR about Bitch Planet #1 being a “perfect first issue” and the power of such a thing. There are few “perfect issues” in a year of comics and yet here I am, first week of January writing about another one.

Squirrel Girl being adorbs Continue Reading »

The Best Comic Ever (This Week) (That I Bought)!

Another strong field this week.* This time, it came down to two strong contenders with something in common. But only one can win. So I crunched the numbers, ran some simulations, flipped a coin, and picked the one with Spider-Man in it anyway. Continue Reading »

“When Impulse Buys Get Out Of Control” Comics Review (With Spider-Man Supplemental!)

Or, see how Brad turned a “one comic in the pull box” week in to a bunch of crap to review, including more Spider-Man comics in one week than is healthy. Or, how’s he’s slowly becoming Burgas with less genre indie taste. Continue Reading »

The Pithiest Reviews Ever (Slightly Less Pithy Than Advertised)

Paragraphs and complete sentences; these things are unnecessary when reviewing comics. All I need is sentence fragments and pop culture references. Okay, there will be footnotes for the slow members of the class. Continue Reading »

Comics Bought, Read, Reviewed.

Knife goes in, guts come out. Comics go in, thoughts come out. Same process, more or less. Continue Reading »

One Paragraph Graphic Novel Reviews

Here are some more reviews you don’t need but may want. Up to you. They do push the concept of the paragraph as far as it will go, if you’re in to that sort of thing. Continue Reading »

A Fortnight Worth Of Comic Reviews: SDCC Edition

In that I went a Wednesday without comics because everybody who works at my LCS went to San Diego for the con. Not that I blame them, but I couldn’t help but feel a little abandoned. But never mind my emotional baggage, I have two weeks worth of comics to redundantly review! Continue Reading »

Hey, Look, Someone Is Reviewing Comic Books On A Blog!

What a novelty! You have certainly never seen this before, I bet! Continue Reading »

Brief Thoughts On Comics I Bought This Week (And A Couple From Last Week)

I’m gonna give this whole brevity thing a shot, especially since I bought more comics than usual this week. If I had kids, I’d be totally burning through their college funds! Continue Reading »

Some Reviews of the Top 100 Comics of the Year

So last time I took a look at the original Top Ten Best Reviewed Comics of the Year on Dick Hyacinth’s meta-list.

Since then D.H. has tabulated a couple more votes (specifically those from the Comics Journal best of the year issue) and given us a full on Top 100.

“Neat!” sez I “I’m going to try to read as many of these as I can.”

So here are the results of my quest.

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