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Two Long Weekends on the Coast, Part One: Ambling Down 101

When I put up the first column about Lincoln City, the consensus response both at home and in print was that we’d missed all the good stuff.

That had a simple solution– go again. Continue Reading »

Last Saturday in Olympia – UPDATED!

This year’s excursion to the Olympia Comics Festival was, without question, the most painless field trip the Cartooning Class has ever done. Continue Reading »

A Saturday Backroads Afternoon

We don’t really need a reason to hit the road. Generally, it’s just that either Julie or myself gets a case of mild wanderlust, coupled with a need to get out and away from under all the various work things that pile up. Continue Reading »

Saturday in Lincoln City (Despite Parental Warnings)

This is the concluding installment of the tale of our recent excursion to the Oregon coast; a place that we discovered is much better bookscouting– and comics-friendly– territory than one might suppose. Part one is here, and part two lies below the fold. Continue Reading »

Fugitive Weekend on the Coast

My wife is sentimental about holidays and family. Me? Not so much. Continue Reading »

Long Weekend on the Road (International Edition) – conclusion

Wrapping up the bookscouting trip to Victoria. Part one is here, part two is here, and below the fold is the wrapup.

Continue Reading »

Long Weekend on the Road (International Edition) part 2

Last time I told you about the first day of our four-day bookscouting excursion to Victoria, B.C. Here’s the next installment.

Continue Reading »

Long Weekend on the Road (International Edition)

I was a little taken aback by how strongly my wife approved of my suggestion that for this year’s anniversary trip, we should take the Clipper to Victoria, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

“Because I want to have high tea,” Julie explained. “At the Empress.”

Continue Reading »

A Sunday in the Foothills

I’m not the only one in our household with itchy feet. My wife gets occasional bouts of wanderlust as well. Continue Reading »

Another Saturday in Olympia

Which is to say, it was time again for the Olympia Comics Festival.

And this year, by God, I was going to be ready. Continue Reading »

A Soggy Sunday Drive

Last week I talked about our weekend jaunt to the Columbia Gorge in search of old books and comics and stuff. Most of it was a lot of fun. But sometimes… the wheels just kind of come off the wagon.

Which is to say, Sunday’s trip home was not a whole lot of fun at all. But we did get in a little bit of books-and-comics stuff. Continue Reading »

Long Weekend In The Dalles

“So, what would you think about driving down to the Gorge this weekend?” I asked my bride.

Continue Reading »

Four Days on a Deserted Island, conclusion

Wrapping up the tale of our sojourn to Whidbey Island to hunt rare books and comics in the wild. Part one is here, part two is here, and the last installment lies under the fold.

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Four Days on a Deserted Island, part two

Last week I told you about our struggle to get to Whidbey Island for a four-day bookscouting vacation, despite a fearsome (snort) Seattle snowstorm. And here is the second part of that account. Continue Reading »

Four Days on a Deserted Island, part one

Well, not really deserted, but to city folk like us, Whidbey Island certainly felt like it.

Continue Reading »


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