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She Has No Head! – Sculpture & Comics


Rodin’s The Danaid

I spent Sunday at the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia.

Sculpture is perhaps my favorite art form in some ways even more so than comics (gasp!) – in part because I am so absolutely atrocious when it comes to three-dimensional work. I am so incompetent working in three dimensions, that art, which is strength of mine in general, almost becomes like math once you add that third dimension. And I am TERRIBLE at math. So, it is partly a fascination with something that I cannot fathom how one can create such excellence in a medium which I can barely grasp the most rudimentary understanding of.

I also appreciate the intense work that goes into it. Before something is sculpted there are innumerable 2-dimensional studies, and even what most of us 2-dimensional folks would call “finished work” in addition to 3-dimensional studies that prepare for whatever the actual assignment or commission is. Of course these studies, particularly the 3-d ones, have significant value and meaning as well, and in fact take on lives of their own.  Becoming their own art that can stand independent of whatever they were created to “work towards.” I sometimes find I prefer these studies, the same way that I sometimes find I prefer sketches to finished work when it comes to comics as well.

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