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Wildcat Days, Baywatch Nights

In which Bill journeys to the heart of Yuengling country to attend a comicon in his old stomping grounds

Last weekend, my friend Matt, who runs a small town library, and I, who writes for this here blog, ventured to Williamsport, Pennsylvania, home of the Little League World Series, and my old college town, to check out the Wildcat Comic Con, a strange parfait of comics academia, library science, small press, and Klingons, held at the Pennsylvania College of Technology, or Penn Tech, as all of us Lycoming kids called it back in the day. The goals were to hang out, soak up some comics culture, and drink all the beer. As far as those goals go, it was a success.

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Sunday Brunch: 12/26/10

Below the fold: presents left under the tree, stocking stuffer stuff, aired grievances, and other secular, nondenominational metaphors for stuff I found on the comics internet.

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Sunday Brunch: 9/27/09

Not an overabundance of links this week, just the really cool/controversial stuff. Hopefully nothing major hits on Friday, because, as I write this on Thursday, I’m about to run off to Atlantic City to start my new career as a lounge singer.*

Rather than a question of the week, I figured I would share this one-panel cartoon/PSA, written by me, drawn by my buddy Jay Stewart:

One lung says to the other lung

*Some of this sentence is untrue.

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