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WWE’s Promoting The Watchmen Movie?

Yes, it is! Well, at least that’s what that handsome devil at Pulse Wrestling, Brad Curran*, is reporting. He’s never steared me wrong in the past.

And he didn’t this time, either, because you can find the evidence here! He truly is a king among men! And single, too! Ladies, take note! He also spells Rorschach perfectly. He certainly never spelled it like “raw shark.” No sir!

*Yes, I’m linking to my own post from another site. I am fully aware this level of self indulgence could make in the internet implode. That’s just a risk I’m willing to take to amuse myself.

Yeah, So, I Saw That Watchmen Movie

Or “I Would Have Titled This ‘I Watched The Watchmen’, But It Turns Out Even I’m Not That Lazy”. Continue Reading »


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