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Review time! with Shadoweyes in Love

I’m kind of hesitant to review this, because it’s a book very much in the middle of a storyline, but what the heck – Campbell needs more press, doesn’t he, and it can’t all come from Kelly T.!
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What I bought – May and June 2011

Hey, look at that! I’m back in Arizona and I picked up almost two months’ worth of comics! Yeah, I’m not going to review them properly here – that would take waaaaaaaay too long. This is more of a “What I bought and the random thoughts I have about the issues and, why not, what I did in Pennsylvania for seven-and-a-half weeks.” Can you handle that??????
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She Has No Head! – Exclusive Preview of Ross Campbell’s Shadoweyes In Love (plus a contest!)

Shadoweyes In Love. Ross Campbell. SLG Publishing. 160 pages. Black & White, Softcover. $12.95

Thanks to Ross Campbell being an all around great guy, I’ve gotten an advance look at his new book, Shadoweyes In Love, forthcoming in April from SLG. Even better, Campbell has given She Has No Head! an exclusive 10-page preview as well as a peek at some never before seen Shadoweyes artwork.  As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got a contest and some awesome prizes including a book and some original artwork.  Read on for details!

I’ve been anxiously awaiting Ross Campbell’s second volume of Shadoweyes because I loved the first and couldn’t wait to see where he was going to go with his YA superhero tale which was nominated for a Glyph award, listed on CBR’s top 100 Comics of 2010, and made YALSA’s 2011 Great Graphic Novels For Teens list.  Shadoweyes volume 1 didn’t shy away from asking tough questions that modern superhero stories generally avoid, and I was excited to see if Campbell’s second volume could push those questions even further. I was not disappointed.

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A review a day: Shadoweyes volume 1

Disclaimer: Kelly Thompson did not threaten me in any way before I wrote this review. Trust me!
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She Has No Head! – Advance Preview And Review of Ross Campbell’s Shadoweyes

Shadoweyes.  Ross Campbell (creator/writer/artist).  Slave Labor Graphics. 204 pages. $14.95



As I mentioned during “Ross Campbell Week” here on She Has No Head a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of Campbell’s upcoming book Shadoweyes and permission to do an advance review. Additionally, we’ve been given permission to publish an exclusive preview from the book as well as a never before seen illustration from Campbell.

Shadoweyes, which releases in July from Slave Labor Graphics, (pre-order yours now!),  is the story of Scout Montana, a 17 year-old high school student living in the city of Dranac, with a proclivity for activism.  Scout and her best friend Kyisha, are involved with a neighborhood organization called CrimeWatch, but when Scout becomes interested in a more proactive approach to crime fighting (she’s got a superhero name and logo all picked out) she’s hit with a brick and knocked out on her first try.  Not long after her botched attempt at vigilantism Scout experiences a sudden and massive transformation into something wholly new (read: definitely not human), and she adopts her superhero name, Shadoweyes, for her new form and uses it to fulfill her crime fighting dreams.  Scout is excited to be able to help the people of Dranac with her new gifts, but when one day she cannot revert back to her human form, her life must drastically change again.

For a look at the first ten pages of Shadoweyes check out Robot 6’s preview from February.

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She Has No Head! – Interview With Creator Ross Campbell

Scout & Sparkle from Shadoweyes

Scout & Sparkle from Shadoweyes

Welcome to part two of Ross Campbell week here on She Has No Head!.  Part one, a Spotlight on Ross Campbell’s work can be found here.  As I mention at the beginning of the following interview, I had the good fortune of becoming friends with comics phenom Ross Campbell via the magic of the internet – and thanks to that friendship, and Ross’ generosity, and his upcoming book Shadoweyes – I was able to convince him to stop by for an in-depth interview.

So join me as Ross takes time out of his busy comics making schedule to talk about everything from when we can expect the next volume of Wet Moon, to what super power he’d most like to have, to the inside scoop on what to expect from his new project Shadoweyes, releasing from SLG in June.

And make sure to come back on Monday, May 17th for an advance review of Shadoweyes and an exclusive preview excerpt from the book.

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She Has No Head! – Spotlight: Ross Campbell

Well, this is a special week on She Has No Head! dear readers, as you are getting not one, but two columns this week (try to contain your enthusiasm).  Today, a spotlight on the work of creator Ross Campbell, and tomorrow, a conversational interview with Campbell that discusses not only his past work, but his exciting upcoming superhero book from Slave Labor Graphics, Shadoweyes.  Additionally, in a few weeks She Has No Head! will have an advance review of Shadoweyes and an exclusive excerpt from the book.  But for now…let’s take a look at the impressive and surprisingly prolific career of young creator, writer, and artist Ross Campbell.  A word of warning, there are some possibly NSFW images below the cut, and definitely some gore, if you’re squeamish.

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