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Sunday Brunch: 3/21/10

A linkpost on a Sunday? What is this, 2009?

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Committed: Comics without Capes

012010_asterixIn talking to my American comic book reading friends, I’m beginning to see that my experience of comic books is pretty different from theirs. While they grew up watching superhero cartoons on TV and buying the superhero comics that went along with them, I didn’t have much access to either of those mediums so I took another route. Continue Reading »

“When Impulse Buys Get Out Of Control” Comics Review (With Spider-Man Supplemental!)

Or, see how Brad turned a “one comic in the pull box” week in to a bunch of crap to review, including more Spider-Man comics in one week than is healthy. Or, how’s he’s slowly becoming Burgas with less genre indie taste. Continue Reading »

Sunday Brunch: 8/23/09

Another shamefully light week in the world of links to stuff on the comics internet, which means either I am dreadfully unobservant, or everyone else is as lazy as I am! It’s probably the former. Still, this column may slip to a bi-weekly schedule in future installments, or cease altogether, depending how many cool things I stumble upon and remember to share with you fine folks.

So, six nifty links under the cut, and, to pad things out, another exciting QUESTION OF THE WEEK above the cut, and after this colon: If you were cursed by television executives to turn one mature-readers-only comic book series into a kid-friendly Saturday morning cartoon show, which would it be? Show your work. (I’ll share my own answer later on in the comments.)

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Hey, Look, Someone Is Reviewing Comic Books On A Blog!

What a novelty! You have certainly never seen this before, I bet! Continue Reading »

I’d Make A Harper’s Island Reference, But Does Anyone Else Watch That?

J.D. Dunn is one of my favorite wrestling reviewers on the ‘net, but he also writes a good game when it comes to film and comics. This review/analysis of the Death Of Jean DeWolfe storyline is a good example of the latter. If he wasn’t likely to make us all look bad (well, at least me), I’d say I’d love to see him do more comics writing. Well, beyond his reviews of Spider-Man from the beginning. As long as he sticks with Spider-Man, we should all be okay.

A Week’s Worth Of Comics Reviewed!

It’s like What I Bought, but with less song lyrics! Continue Reading »


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