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The Best Comic Ever (This Week) (That I Bought)!

Another strong field this week.* This time, it came down to two strong contenders with something in common. But only one can win. So I crunched the numbers, ran some simulations, flipped a coin, and picked the one with Spider-Man in it anyway. Continue Reading »

The Best Comic EVER (This Week)!

This was a damn good week for comics, if you ask me. Or even if you don’t. I’ll tell you anyway. Two Hickman comics (and two of the best issues of his runs on Secret Warriors and Fantastic Four, no less), Incredible Herc, the best issue of Rucka and Williams Detective Batwoman run so far and a satisfying end to Rucka and Hamner’s Question serial, a Hack/Slash with good art. I even got a free issue of Guggenheim and Chaykin’s Blade that had some Gene Colan guest art! I still have that Marvel Holiday Special to pick up! But there was one comic that was head and shoulders above them all for me this week. I will reveal it and bask in its glory after the jump. Continue Reading »


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