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Committed: Graphically Communicating the Election

If you live in America (or the world) perhaps you were as enthralled by the election as I was. It was fascinating to watch unfold online, as the results were reported, extrapolated, and opined upon. If you’re at all interested in visual communication and the use of imagery to convey information (as so many comic book readers are) then this was a banner year to find interesting and new ways to look at the election beyond giant maps plastered onto ice rinks and such gimmicky tricks.

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She Has No Head! – Spotlight: Rutu Modan

I don’t know how I missed out on Rutu Modan’s work for so long, but man am I glad I finally discovered her.

Modan, an Eisner award-winning illustrator and writer worked as an editor for the Hebrew edition of MAD Magazine after graduating from the Bezarel Academy of Art & Design.  She founded Actus Tragicus Comics Group in 1995 with Yirmi Pinkus and was awarded the Young Artist Of The Year award in 1997 and the Best Illustrated Children’s Book Award in 1998 by the Israel Museum.  In 2005 she was chosen as ‘Outstanding Artist’ by the Israel Cultural Excellence Foundation.  All leading up to her 2008 Best New Graphic Novel Eisner award for her first graphic novel, Exit Wounds…which would be my first toe dip into her brilliance.

Exit Wounds, a touching but unsentimental tale of a female soldier (Numi) that seeks out her older boyfriend’s adult son (Koby) after her boyfriend goes missing and she fears that he’s been killed by a bomb in Hadera.  As Koby and Numi work together toward unraveling the mystery of whether Koby’s father has in fact perished in the bombing, their own lives – both their strengths and weaknesses – are uncovered.

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