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Committed: The Playwright

It’s possible that The Playwright might be the least appealing book I’ve ever picked up, at least on the surface. The back cover contains the description of the main character “He once saw a pigeon defecate onto a businessman’s shoulder.” which implies that this is a rather tedious book. On the contrary, it is a lovingly crafted book which contains a deceptively rich life, detailed over many years. Perceptive, occasionally disturbing and often oddly touching, this is an interesting piece of illustrated storytelling.

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A review a day: The Playwright

It’s Eddie Campbell! Who doesn’t love Eddie Campbell? Commies, that’s who. Don’t be a Commie!
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What I bought – 14 July 2010

I have always pitied poor Abraham. Here he had the sword from his sheath, only seconds away from slitting his son’s throat, and he had to sacrific a ram in his son’s place. What a disappointment it must have been. What a damn tragedy. (Jeremy Leven, from Creator)

This cover feels all Seventies, man! Are they tiptoeing so they don't wake the students up? 'Why are the readers so dim?!?!?!?!' Considering all that happens in this comic, this cover could have been a lot cooler As neat as this cover is, the variant is wicked awesome! I like the way the bullet is spraying numbers out of the dude's skull Sigh.  Yet another tremendous cover in this series! Monthly?  Um, yeah, maybe not This just proves it: Chicks shouldn't make comics, man! Ken Hale sez: Even though I'm a gorilla, you still wish you wuz me! Yet more propaganda! Things get worse.  I know, shocking. This is monster huge, man! More Darwyn Cooke goodness! You know, you don't have enough gore in your lives! More comics goodness than you deserve! In case you're wondering, yes, J. Bone is awesome I love this uncluttered cover Who drinks pink tea? I don't even have to read this to know it's awesome! Damned landscape printing!
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