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The Saturday Matinee I’ve Been Wanting Forever

…or at least since 1969 or thereabouts. It happened yesterday. When Julie and I went and saw The Legend of Tarzan.

Now, a great deal of what made it magical for us was coming into it spoiler-free. So be warned, there are many such spoilers below. If you’re here just wanting a read from a fan on whether it’s worth it? YES. Emphatically. Go. But try to go into it cold.

If you’ve seen it already, or you don’t care about being spoiled, join us below the fold. Continue Reading »

On This Day….

We’ve been playing with this interesting new widget. Continue Reading »

#FourComics Friday

This is just a thing that’s going around the internet at the moment and I thought it’d be a fun hook to hang a column on.

The question before the floor is, What Four Comics Changed Your Life? Continue Reading »

Happy Wold Newton Day!

Today, as I write this, it’s the 13th of December. The anniversary of the day a meteorite fell to Earth near the village of Wold Newton in Yorkshire, England, back in 1795.

I know this because, believe it or not, that event would eventually result in the greatest ongoing crossover story ever; and incidentally have a remarkable effect on my own life as well. Continue Reading »

Saturday With the Big Guy


Like everyone else who writes about comics, I’ve spent a big part of the last week thinking about Superman. Continue Reading »

One More Friday at the Tipping Point

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been talking about that moment when you go from being mildly interested in something to becoming a fan, and listing a few different times that moment happened for me. And this week we have one more set of them, and oddly enough, I came to each one through an unexpected, back-door route. Continue Reading »

Another Friday at the Tipping Point

Last week I talked a little bit about that moment of discovery, when you become a fan of something, rather than just a casually-interested member of the general audience, and gave a few specific examples. This week, we do it again with a different list. Continue Reading »

Friday at the Tipping Point

I got an interesting question the other day: “When did you go from being a reader to being a fan?” Continue Reading »


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