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Year of the Artist, Day 252: Stuart Immonen, Part 1 – Legion of Super-Heroes #53 and a few added bonuses

legion6006 (2)

Every day this year, I will be examining the artwork on a single comic book story. Today’s artist is Stuart Immonen, and the issue is Legion of Super-Heroes #53, which was published by DC and is cover dated January 1994, plus I begin with a few panels from X-Men Annual #1, which was published by Marvel and is cover dated March 1992. Enjoy!
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Frantic as a cardiograph scratching out the lines, Day 40: Flex Mentallo #1

Every day this month, I will be examining the first pages of random comics. This month I will be doing theme weeks, with each week devoted to a single artist. This week: Frank Quitely! Today’s page is from Flex Mentallo #1, which was published by DC/Vertigo and is cover dated June 1996. Enjoy!
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Into the back issue box #53

And … we’re back! I’d like to do these every weekend, but simply can’t. So just be overjoyed when it does show up! I know that you are!
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