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Say It With Manga: Usamaru Furuya Edition



Whenever I open a book by Usamaru Furuya, it’s tough to tell what I’m going to see.  Furuya studied fine art in college, and went on to draw 4-panel strips (a work called Palepoli) for underground magazine Garo without knowing much at all about comics.  The results have to be seen to be believed.  He’s an artistic chameleon, mimicking every style from Botticelli to Osamu Tezuka, with creepy photorealistic portraits of Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta thrown in for good measure.  Palepoli’s strips are full of violent, sexual, and absurdist humor, with commentary on both Japanese and American pop culture mixed through the whole book.  We’ve only seen a handful of strips from Palepoli in English (in Secret Comics Japan), but his other work can be just as artistically interesting.  His habit of changing styles and mimicking the work of others is something you don’t often see in manga.  He can also change story styles abruptly, from a tween coming-of-age story to a dark adaptation of Dazai’s No Longer Human.  The three works I mention below were all released in 2011 (a good year for Furuya fans!), but you might also look into Short Cuts, a 2-volume series of 4-panel gag strips, mostly about teenage girls.
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