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Another Useless Friday Daydream… Old West Edition

Every so often I get ideas for stories that there’s no point in writing, but I can’t help writing them anyway. It happens. You get an idea stuck in your head, you keep thinking of cool refinements for it, and even though you know you’ll never get to use it, it just keeps bubbling up. Peter David calls these “Useless Stories.”

This is one of those… it’s the last adventure of the Lone Ranger. Continue Reading »

A Useless Sunday Daydream- Team Edition

This one’s just for fun. Fanboy speculating and goofing off. Completely and utterly nerdy. You were warned. Continue Reading »

Yet Another Useless Friday Daydream

As you read this, my wife and I are already off on our annual hide-out holiday from the holidays, or as we like to call it, Fugitive Thanksgiving.

So for this week’s column, here’s something from the archives– one of the few times where I actually wrote a superhero comic myself. Sort of. Continue Reading »

Another Useless Friday Daydream (and a Contest!)

I can’t take it any more. Everywhere in the comics press there is endless speculation and crabbing and geeking out over what DC is doing. It’s starting to feel like we’re all unpaid interns working in DC’s publicity department.

So, enough. Here is something completely different.

(Fair warning… it’s also enormously nerdy.) Continue Reading »

Useless Friday Daydreams

Sometimes things get lodged in your brain and you can’t really get them out.

Anybody in the arts has this problem. You’re working on one thing, but this other idea keeps creeping in at the edges, the thing you’d really rather be working on. Sooner or later you end up just giving in and doing the project you can’t stop thinking about.

Continue Reading »


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